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Yoga Teacher Training Masterclass

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher for almost FREE!

📅 October 20th 2022

⏰ 12:30 P.M - 1.30 P.M (Indian Standard Time)


1. Choose and Get Access to ANY of our Yoga Teacher Training Courses worth Thousands of Dollars towards the end of this Webinar

  • 30-Hrs Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course

  • 50-Hrs Pranayama (Breathwork) Teacher Training Course

  • 60-Hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • 200-Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course

2. Get Yoga Alliance Certification for FREE!

  • Start teaching Yoga anywhere across the globe


3. Get LIFETIME ACCESS for ANY of our Yoga Teacher Training Courses

  • Finish the Course, anytime. At your convenience!

4. Save $1000s and get the access to World's MOST affordable Yoga Teacher Training Courses!

  • Join Bodsphere's Mission of making Yoga Teacher Trainings accessible for everyone

5. FREE Live Yoga & Q&A Sessions every week

  • Practice Yoga and get your doubts cleared directly with the Founders of Bodsphere

6. Join Bodsphere -  World's BIGGEST Community of Yoga Teachers

  • Become a part of Certified Yoga Teachers spread across 125+ Countries

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